A single grain of rice

Advice to buyers

  • For an art lover, the golden rule in buying art is that it should please the eye. As well as ensuring its authenticity, the quality and originality of the art, the astute collector should also examine the fairness of the price as compared to the state of the market. If you are interested in making an aquisition, take your time before deciding anything. Learn about the artist, his career, his motivations by considering the texts associated with the images. Once all these precautions are done with, you can go ahead and purchase the artwork with confidence. And above all, stay committed to your beliefs, your taste and common sense !
  • All artworks with a mention of price are offered for sale.
  • Buyers can make their purchases as soon as the prices are publicized on the website. However, buyers can only take delivery of their acquisitions after November 14th, 2013, the closing date of the exhibition.
  • Each purchase comes along with an invoice and a certificate signed by the hand of the artist. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • For any purchase intent, thank you for using the contact page.

a 'small format' graphic art competition

To be followed by a collective show IN PARIS from the 1st through the 14th of November 2013

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